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rn Eur■ope region■, an otherwise decl○ining market,■ and is pa■rticularly stro●ng in Spain, Germa◆ny, and Italy," 〓IDC said in a r■esearch no■te.According to IDC〓, though Huawe◆i's high-en■d smartphones◆ are popular in Chi〓na, the bulk● of its shipment〓s are of the more ◆affordable〓 class of ●smartphones, and ●it also introdu〓ced a few ◆new models in the● low-end and 〓mid-range segment◆s. That is〓

in part why Huaw〓ei introduced the GP●U Turbo technolog〓y to optimize its c●ost-effe

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ctive hands■ets.Please scan th◆e QR Code to〓 follow us on Instag■ramPlease scan〓 the QR Cod●e to follow us on ◆Wechat

Lenovo r●ebuts rumor it fai●led to back Hu〓awei on 5G issuesLen〓ovo rebuts ◆rumor it fai●led to back Huawei◆ on 5G is

qu◆arter.Please sc

sues〓Lenovo rebut■s rumor it fa■iled to back Huawei◆ on 5G issues05-■18-2018 08:5■3 BJTChinese co■mputer maker Leno○

vo Group issued a◆n internal letter on〓 Wednesday re◆butting the market ○rumor that it fail◆ed to back Chin●ese teleco

○an the QR Co●de t

m co○mpany Huawei in s●etting global sta◆ndards for the fift■h generation mobile 〓communication◆s technology.The mo◆v

e came amid ■intensified● competitio●n among countries f○or a bigger say i○n developing ○5G service. The firs●t versi

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on of st〓andards is expected〓 to come out ◆next month, laying a● foundation for○ global companies● to begin buildi●ng

large-scal〓e 5G networks.Le●novo founder Liu Chu●anzhi said in the ◆letter the compa●ny backed tech gian●t Huawei's p

t◆agramPlease s●

ro〓posals for 5G st●andards in the f◆inal round of voti○ng. "Chinese bu●sinesses s〓hould unite and br●ush aside attempts ■to sow discord," L◆iu added.H●is comments cam◆e amid the m●arket rumor tha■t Lenovo voted in● favor of the Un■ited States ●tech company● Qualcomm against ●Huawei regar●ding a key■ technology st◆andard for 5G. The n〓ew, superf■ast

technology wi■ll allow consumers● to download an 8○-gigabit m○ovie in seconds an●d have access t■o services like au■tonomous car○s and remote surge●ry.Industry analys○ts say the 〓dispute highligh〓ts how importa●nt it is to gain○ greater say in● finalizing● 5G standards, ○as economies scra●mble for a beac〓hhead.On Thurs〓day, the Mi〓nistry of Indust■r

y and Information◆ Technology,◆ China's top● industry ◆regulator, and t〓he State-o〓wned Asset■s Supervision and Ad●ministration Comm◆ission launched a■ guideline to acce〓lerate steps● to promote 5G ●and its applicati○o

n in industries."●This year, China wil◆l promote ◆key telecom p◆rograms, inc●luding finishing ●third-phase tests o◆n 5G," the gu●ideline said.■"The more tec〓hnical propo◆sals for 5〓G recognized b◆y the global○ tech com

mun◆ity, the fast〓er a country can bu◆ild a large■-scale network fo◆r the superf■ast technology," 〓said Xiang Ligan●g, a telecom ●expert and CEO of◆ the telecom indust●ry website Cctime◆.The formulation〓 of global〓 5G

standards d●epends largely ●on competition amo○ng China, the〓 US and Europe,● he said. As do◆mestic companies ◆like Huawei and Ch■ina Mobile evolve○ into pioneers 〓in the telec●om arena, China i◆s likely to p◆lay a more

signific○ant role.T〓he Chinese govern〓ment attach◆es high importance◆ to 5G, which ■will also s○park a fast●er rollout, X○iang added.The◆ country has al●ready had a strin◆g of achievements in○ 5G. Last ye〓ar, China Mo

bile o●utgunned foreign riv●als to lead the g○lobal 5G Sys■tem Architecture p〓roject, which will ○determine 5G net●works' structure○.The nation also● established th●e world's largest 5G○ test fiel◆d in Beijing'●s Huairo

u d●istrict, where dome●stic firms● and a string◆ of foreign tech c〓ompanies a◆re participa〓ting in China'◆s third phase ○of 5G tests.Chin■a lagged behind oth◆er countrie●s in building ●4G and 3G networ〓ks. But with 5G

can the QR Co◆de to

, it○ is racing ahe〓ad in research and d〓evelopment, as we●ll as trial applicat■ions, said Wang 〓Zhiqin, vice-pre◆sident of the C〓hina Acade●my of Info■rmation and Comm〓unications Techno●logy.The count〓ry is likely to ○issue 5G licenses t●o telecom carrie○rs in the sec●ond half of next y■ear at the ●earliest an〓d will be among the■ first to i●ssue 5G


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